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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogger bites

So it transpires that Blogger had a Friday the 13th moment and as they are attempting to restore users' accounts and comments they have managed to trash a lot of other drafts in the process. The fourth installment of background physics for fMRI artifact recognition is presently resembling the first few notes I made back in March. Sunday's near-finished version is in the ether somewhere, perhaps. Wish I'd known there was an ongoing problem, I'd have found something else to do that day.

I guess we get what we pay for. Still, this is a powerful lesson for cloud users generally. Don't rely on the cloud!!! Make your own backups!!!!!  I have pdf "backups" of all completed posts, I guess it's time to start copy-pasting my own backups as I go, too. Sigh. Opening beer.... :-|

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