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Friday, June 10, 2011

Open letter to Blogger

Blogger, you suck. You utterly suck. You have some major bugs in your software which have caused me to waste inordinate amounts of time recreating posts that oscillate between draft and published status. And when I submit a technical help request I hear nothing. For weeks.

Just now I hit SAVE AS DRAFT on a published post. No big deal you would think, right? I simply went back and hit PUBLISH POST again. And voila! The post showed up on the blog still marked as having been published on Sunday 5th June.... Ah, except that now the post's *content* has reverted to a draft from before 15th May! This, even though I have the archive frequency set to "Daily" after tuifu (Google it) on Friday 13th May. WTF?????

Lucky for you, rather than get in my car and drive down to Mountain View to find out who is in charge of this fiasco, I have a backup of my own. So "all" I have to do is re-type the content and re-upload those images that your bug sought to send back into the ether. Doubly lucky for you, I have an extra few hours of time this morning, having canceled a meeting earlier on. So this isn't nearly the crisis that it could have been, and it is only mildly increasing my blood pressure.

Now that I know what a piece of crap your software really is, I shall be taking other remedial steps to avoid similar snafus in the future; such as never, ever actually publishing a draft with the same name as a real post. Instead, I shall create drafts with names like, oh "Draft," and then when I am ready to actually publish the post I shall create a brand new one, with the intended title, and push that puppy out there. I want to see you bite me in the ass then, Blogger. Come on, give it your best shot!



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