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Monday, November 28, 2011

Twitter. Damn.


I thought I could resist, I really did. (I've been off Facebook* for more than two years!) But when Neuroskeptic took the plunge in June I started thinking that maybe I should suck it up, too. I mean, Neuroskeptic blogs ten times more frequently than I do and he still has time to tweet.

Not sure exactly how it will go. I'm going to treat it as an experiment. I can guarantee that there won't be daily tweets let alone hourly ones. I'm not going to bring anyone's cellular network to its knees. But I do come across little things related to fMRI that aren't worth a full blog post. A micro-blog ought to fit the bill, eh? We'll see...

* Okay, so technically I am still on fb. I maintain an account so that I can post comments to websites, merge with other online media, etc. Turns out it's really, really hard not to have fb unless you don't mind registering separately for every online newspaper and music service yet invented. But I never actually look at my fb page, so I apologize if you have a "friend" request suspended somewhere in cyberspace.

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